International Federation of Wildlife Photography

The term “wildlife” should be interpreted as “nature” in its broadest sense wherever appropriate in this text.

The beginning

The first meeting of wildlife photographers from different backgrounds took place in Strasbourg, in 1978, under the auspices of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe and at the initiative of the Association Sportive de la Chasse Photographique Française. The meeting was able to examine the various points of views, in a constructive way, taking into consideration national legislations, as well as the moral code voluntarily adopted by each association. The comparison between the various techniques of wildlife photography, with due respect to the quietness of the animals, gave this gathering its full significance.
This meeting gave rise to the idea of creating an International Federation aimed at attempting to give wildlife photographers, from various countries, a common goal : the exercise of their activities with strict respect for nature, concern for authentic documentation and defense of their rights.

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Associations from France, Great Britain, Hungary and Italy then formed IFWP on the 14th of April 1980 for the purpose of promoting the Etics of Wildlife Photography, and Nature Photography in general, and to set up common rules for all the members of the Federation.

Objects of the Federation :

– to gather together all associations of wildlife photographers from all the countries of the world and to organize activities which result in a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience between members of these associations
– to encourage the creation of national associations or of groups of wildlife photographers in those countries where there are none
– to define and promote common etics and rules in all members associations
– to defend the rights of wildlife photographers who are members of members associations, particulary in relation to public authorities
– to collaborate in drawing up national legislation in the field of wildlife photography to complement existing legislation
– create a symbol of quality which might accompany the publication of photographs taken by members of the associations in the press and information bulletins
– take part in discussions regarding nature conservancy

The Federation will have no political involvement.

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About the Federation

The International Federation of Wildlife Photography, the head office of which is at 60 rue des Archives, F-75003 PARIS, is a foreign association governed by the French Law of July 1st, 1901. It was legally authorized by the Ministry of the Interior of the French State and registred under the No 80/785 on April 22nd, 1980.

Today, IFWP counts nearly 15 member associations, covering Europe from Scandinavia to Spain, and Great Britain to Yugoslavia. It is run by an Administrative Council of five to six members. These members are chosen from different member associations by the General Assembly which is composed of all its members. To become an active member of IFWP, the association must be accepted by a majority of the Administrative Council. Corresponding members may be associations, groups or individuals. Annual membership fee is 80 euros.

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The membership card

is intended for use by the members of the associations. The front page is fixed, but the back page may freely be used by the association. Size and colour may vary.

“Profile IFWP”

To narrow the communication gap within IFWP, this quarterly published newsletter is in English. It brings the latest news from each association.

IFWP European Photographer of the Year

The ten best pictures (colour and/or black and white) from each association’s own competition are all entries in this contest. Judgement take place at the General Assembly.

“Where to photograph”

Based on information from the members this small booklet tells about laws and regulations etc. regarding nature photography in each country.

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The General Assembly

is an annual meeting and photographic excursion for all interested members and is arranged by different members associations each year. It is usually coupled with one of the hosting association big events. Normally it consists of slide shows, exhibition, the official IFWP General assembly and photographic excursion (which may last several days) to special points of interest.

The moral rules

Wildlife photography consists in trying to get on film pictures of the nature including free-raging and wild animal in its natural environment.

— The essential interest of wildlife photography lies in the communication of these pictures, for the purpose of information and contribution to nature education.

— The wildlife photographer is bound to an aesthetic research, so as to highlight the beauty of nature.

— But wildlife photography must blame the selfish search for photographic sensationalism.

— In the field, security and lack of disturbance of the animal, must be put before all other things, in particular in periods of reproduction.

— Wildlife photography is an activity for which one must prepare in advance, requiring patience and knowledge of the subject.

For more information please write to :

International Federation of Wildlife Photography
60 rue des Archives,
F-75003 PARIS, France

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